A Classic World & When the Engine Roars By George Begg.

George Begg's first book was reprinted in an up to date format with some fifty pages of photographs ten or so in colour, excellent binding and a very classy dust wrapper. The original edition of "When the Engine Roars" now fetches good money, Eoin Young's Motormedia recently selling a copy for 200 pounds! The book covers George's motorcycling days from Southland New Zealand to the Isle of Man TT Races. It tells the fascinating story of the Begg's racing cars through to the mighty and successful Formula 5000 models and it tells of George's time in England working with Bruce McLaren on the CanAm cars. The new chapters give an insight of the restoration of a number of very special and historic racing cars and motorcycles and the skills of the specialists who perform this work.

It is a "great read" and a worthy addition to any bookshelf.

Last three copies available, signed by the late Author.  $165.00

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